Photo Restoration

Restoring your treasured memories

Photo restoration

For this particular image, the photograph had been in a frame. Sadly the frame was dropped and where the dark line is through the man's image is where the photograph had stuck to the frame. Removing the glass would have caused irreparable damage so I scanned the photograph with the glass still attached. The photograph had torn in places and there had been significant water damage.

Completed restoration

It took about some time to repair the damage to the image and keep the colour tone throughout. I chose to remove the flowers from the bottom of the photograph where the lady is holding a posy of flowers as it was difficult to re do those authentically and they distracted from the image. I cloned the left eye of the man and replaced the right eye of the man with the line through it with the cloned version. After a lot of tidying up, I was delighted with the end result. The image was re printed ready to be reframed and was given as a Birthday present. If you have any old photographs or slides that you would like restored or digitised then please get in touch via my email address: [email protected]

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